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10 Greatest Rock and Roll Movies


Iain Fisher:
Far Out magazines top 10 rock movies

10 Hedwig and the Angry Inch (I don't know it)
9 Ken's Tommy "Tommy is a powerful psychedelic experience that examines religion and contemporary society with wit and a wild passion for pinball"
8 Pink Floyd The Wall - influenced by Tommy but a bit boring
7 24 Hour Party People (I don't know it)
6 School of Rock - good fun but in the top 10 rock movies?
5 Purple Rain - a classic with Prince
4 Almost Famous (I don't know it)
3 Control - beautiful and sad story of Ian Curtis and Joy Division
2 Woodstock - legendary
1 Spinal Tap - not sure if it should top this category, but there are many other categories where this film deserves to be number one


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