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4.48 reference “les”


Iain Fisher:

Sorry it appears an early draft version has somehow crept in.  I have tried to find the real version but no success.  I will recreate the page, but it might take a few weeks. If you have any specific questions happy to try and answer.


RSVP ASAP is one of the places that Les. appears.

Thanks for the quick reply, Iain. I’m actually tripping up on several of the abbreviations as it turns out. Another is “The.” which is clearly an abbreviation and not the actual word.

Here’s where they each appear. I could actually use a hand with most of them if you’re able to help.

Iain Fisher:
Can you give an example of where it appears?

On the 4.48 guide on this wonderful cite, there are various abbreviated references to possible sources Kane drew upon. I’m able to follow most/all of them but the abbreviation “Les” or “Les” comes up repeatedly and has me stumped. Can anyone shed any light on that one?


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