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Master Harold in Canada
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Master Harold is on at the Firehall Theatre in Gananoque, Ontario from 22 July- 21 Aug 2010.

It is directed by Nigel Shawn Williams, with Set/Costume Design by Shawn Kerwin and Lighting Design by Adair Redish.  The actors are Julian DeZotti (Hally), Conrad Coates (Sam) and Ryan Allen (Willie).

"Set in South Africa, during the early apartheid days. The story deals with the coming of age of seventeen- year-old Hally. Hally, a white South African, is torn between his bigoted biological father’s expectations of him and those of his surrogate fathers, black waiters named Sam and Willy. Young Hally is obliged to laugh at his father’s racist jokes and perform humiliating tasks like empty chamber pots. By contrast, Sam exposes Hally to many positive experiences. After being humiliated by his father, Sam shows Hally how to be proud of something he’s achieved by helping him build and fly his own kite. One day, Hally receives news that his real father, an alcoholic and violent person, is coming back home from a long stint in a hospital. Hally, distraught with this news, unleashes years of anger and pain on his two black friends."

Details are here:
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