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Al Pacino, Oscar Wilde and StevenBerkoff
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"Al Pacino says a chance visit to a theatre in London first inspired him to tell the story of Oscar Wilde which he has made into the award-winning drama documentary, Wilde Salome.

Al Pacino did not even know Oscar Wilde had written a play called Salome when he went to see his friend- the actor, writer and director Steven Berkof- at a London theatre.

Berkoff was playing the role of Herod and Pacino soon became gripped by the unfolding story of inevitable tragedy.

'There is something in the play that mesmerises, keeps you attentive even if you don't like it'
"All during the play I wanted to know who the writer was because I felt connected in a way to something that I hadn't been connected to in a long time of going to the theatre," said Pacino.

"There is nothing recognisable in the play - nothing 'Wildean'. It is like a new playwright... It was only when he looked down at his programme that he realised who the author was."

Pacino was so taken by the story he decided to put on his own production, star in it and make a film about the story and Oscar Wilde. Al Pacino plays Herod.

Oscar and Al Pacino will be on BBC Radio 4 at 16:00 GMT on Monday 14 November 2011.  Mark Rickards talks exclusively to Al Pacino about his fascination for Oscar Wilde and his new film.
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