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Honey B:
I am preparing a paper on early influences of Harold Pinter and other playwrights.  I noted on the official Pinter site that one of the first plays he acted in was Dick Whittington, the British pantomime.  I suggest that this was a heavy influence on his early work, in particular the role of Puss in Boots.  Puss seems to occupy the typical Pinter character’s half way house in life, he/she (the sex of Puss is significantly indeterminate) seems to be important and have power, but what it is, is never defined, and at the end of the day when the other players have moved on, turn again as it states in most versions of the text  (Dick to get the girl and become Major) the puss is still in the limbo land, either unable to turn or more likely turning and turning unable to decide.

This compares with Beckett who surely was influenced by the darker realities of Punch and Judy where the cruel tormenting of Judy by Punch reflects the acidic and often violent relation between the characters in Waiting for Godot.  Just as Lorca was influenced by puppetry (and wrote many plays for puppets) surely Becker, who admired Lorca, also followed the same route for his early inspiration.

I am just stating my essay but your views would be welcome.

Honey B


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