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mountain language for real
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Nothing directly to do with Pinter, but it resonates with Mountain Language.  A documentary by Ken Loach commissioned by British Charity Save The Children who suppressed the film (despite this I support them- they are a good charity).

"But in the documentary, Loach travels to [an]... institution in Nairobi where children were forbidden to converse in their native tongues."

The current head of Save the Children says ""It is a bit embarrassing to see that," said Justin Forsyth, chief executive of Save the Children.  "But I think it's good to air these issues and we should be big enough to take it on the chin. Save the Children has changed a lot, but the issues that come out in the film about colonialism, aid and charity are still relevant today.  I think it's great it's being shown. I don't think we should be in the film censorship business and we shouldn't stifle debate."

The link is here
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