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Ken and Ingmar


Iain Fisher:
I agree about Ken and Bergman being very different directors.

I always think Jean Luc Goddard and Ken share a lot.  Goddard can be very political which Ken never is, but Goddard's imagery, such as in Weekend, could be from a Ken Russell film.  Ken actually hates Goddard's work, and I don't think the one influenced the other (but I have nothing to back this up) but I think they separately came to similar ideas.

So, picking up on the theme, maybe Goddard is the French political Ken.


I doubt it... The films of Fellini and Ken had more in common than the works of Bergman and Ken. Maybe I've read somewhere that Ken likes Bergman, but I can't think of two more different directors.

Are the things the same in Sweden as they are in Italy?

In Italy, Ken is known as the English Fellini. While in England, Fellini is known as the Italian Ken.

Thus, in Sweden, is Ken known as the English Bergman? While in England, is Bergman known as the Swedish Ken?


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