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Iain Fisher:
The Music Lovers, Ken Russell's film about Tchaikovsky, will be shown at the Chichester Film Festival on 12 and 22 Aug 2023.

The festival guide is pretty grudging "However rife with inaccuracies... Unless you are seeking the whole truth".  Is it less accurate than Bernard Rose's The Beethoven Secret or Milos Foreman's Amadeus?   I have quoted from Barbara von Meck's 1893 letter to show how closely the script follows her account of her relationship with Tchaikovsky.

The festival website is here
For more on the film see here

Iain Fisher:
Ken Russell festival in Chichester, UK

Three Ken Russell films- Song of Summer, The Music Lovers and Women in Love:

On 18 Aug 2012 Song of Summer is shown with Q&A sessions by Lisi Russell and Iain Fisher
On 27 Aug 2012 The Boyfriend with Lisi Russell and Paul Sutton
On 1 Sept 2012 Women in Love with Lisi Russell.

Details are here


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