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The Woodmans
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Anyone know about The Woodmans?  An interesting review (26 Jan 2011, Armond White, NY Press) here

The film is by C. Scott Willis.  The review includes:

"Ken Russell's Dante's Inferno kept coming to mind. Russell's 1967 TV movie about the fevered cultural life of British painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti (who started the Pre-Raphaelite movement) and his artistic family, which included sisters Christina and Francesca, satisfied one's innate curiosity about eccentric artists. Documentary director C. Scott Willis doesn't permit himself Russell's extravagant dramatic identification with the mysterious ways of the artistic ego, even though The Woodmans deals with essentially similar material
Yet this isn't a typical art-history film. Without Ken Russell's sense of outrageousness—which was actually a kind of temperamental kinship—Willis connects differently. He accepts the Woodmans' work ethic, art ethic and family ethic and with admirable detachment identifies a commonplace inferno"
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