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Intro- Steve Reid
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First a big compliment to iain fisher for setting up this excellent site. My own interest in Sarah Kane's work was stimulated firstly by the reaction to Blasted, and secondly by the shock when I learnt of her death. I seldom go to the theatre but when 'Blasted' premiered here in Holland I had to go. I left the theatre with my mind reeling (despite it being in translation and my Dutch is limited). I later caught Cleansed and Craved (again in Dutch) in Brussels and was similarly stunned. I've only recenlty obtained a copy of the texts in the original language. I find it difficult to explain what it is about her work that I find so fascinating. Like Sarah I was raised by devout evangelical Christians, and left the faith in my teens. There are passages in her work eg Scene 4 Blasted, that touch on the emotions involved more accutely than anything else I've encountered. I look forward to following debates and discussions here.

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