Author Topic: The importance of knowing Sarah Kane- Denitsa Ezekieva  (Read 6780 times)

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The importance of knowing Sarah Kane- Denitsa Ezekieva
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2007, 03:23:02 PM »
Tnanks for giving me the opportunity to talk about Sarah Kane. It was a turning point when I read Cleansed at first.Infact I am learning theatre studies in Sofia, Bulgaria and I am very interested in young playwriters, but what I found about Sarah Kane was something New and special. She changed my normal and ordinary way of expressing feelings, of expressing life. Its innovating method of writing drama opened a lot windows in my mind. When I was in London last august I have bought 4.48 Psichosis and now I am the first one who is translating it, I am doing it as a meditation. And at least i feel Happy. Thanks Sarah

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