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Horizon: To Infinity and Beyond

Horizon : To Infinity and Beyond

Berkoff presents this documentary on numbers, including a googol which is a 1 followed by 100 zeroes.  I liked the children being asked what is the biggest number- answer: 120.  Berkoff appears in arty black and white with shadows, and sometime his voice is echoed.

Berkoff in Horizon : To Infinity and Beyond



Words of the Blitz

A documentary, Words of the Blitz.  Actors Dominic West, Romola Garai, Sheila Hancock, Russell Tovey, Alex Jennings, Joseph Beattie and Steven Berkoff read from diaries and letters who were in the blitz in the second world war.


Corrie: The Road to Coronation Street

Coronation Street is the world's longest-running TV soap opera currently in production, having started in 1960 and still going strong.  This drama look at the struggle to get the show started.  It is directed by Charles Sturridge in 2010.  Berkoff plays Sidney Bernstein, the head of Granada Television who has to be convinced the series is worth doing.  Berkoff is good in the role.

Steven Berkoff as Sidney Bernstein


The Borgias

Steven Berkoff in The Borgias

Neil Jordan's series on The Borgias with a prime British cast- Jeremy Irons, Derek Jacobi, 2011.  Steven Berkoff plays the priest Savonarola, the same role he played in A Season of Giants from 1991.

Berkoff appears in the episodes Lucrezia's Wedding, The Borgias in Love and Death, on a Pale Horse.  Again Berkoff is in good form.



Doctor Who: The Power of Three


Doctor Who and his two companions investigate after mysterious small cubes land all over the Earth and no-one knows what they are.

Doctor Who cubes in Power of Three

The cubes initially seem innocuous, and the people collect them as ornaments or paperweights.  Everybody seems to have one.

Black cubes 

Suddenly a number appears on each and slowly counts down.  What will happen when they reach zero?  And a small girl reacts to the doctor.

Black cube 6   Black cuibe 5

Girl blue face 

Berkoff plays Shakri, the controller of the attack on Earth- well actually he is a hologram.  He wears heavy make-up, but does have a very small number of lines- his role was cut a  lot.

The title refers to a cube (the power of three) but also something Shakri will never  understand, the power of three friends namely the Doctor and his two assistants. 

Directed by Douglas Mackinnon and written by Chris Chibnall in 2012.  The doctor is Matt Smith and his companions are Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill.  Berkoff's previous television role was in The Borgias and Selva Rasalingam was also in both.  Behind the screens Julia Ankerson (foley artist)  and Martin Marty McLaughlin (special effects) worked on Rancid Aluminium and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo respectively.


Dave Allen: God's own Comedian

Dave Allen - God's Own Comedian

A documentary about Irish comedian Dave Allen.  The director is Verity Maitlow. 

Berkoff appears a few times, and is credited as a friend of Allen.  The documentary covers Allen's stand-up comedy, and also his documentaries and acting roles.  What do people remember of Allen as a comedian- Berkoff answers "Sitting on a stool, telling stories".  And later Berkoff says "He just sat there, attractive, beautifully Irish, and told the most outrageous jokes" and "There's something about him which was eternally young.  Even when he got into his 50s, 55, 60s, he was a vital comedian".  




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