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The list of minor films continues, with only occasional interest, with Berkoff treating the roles as salary earners.  His real work now is solely on stage and in print.


Head in the clouds Head in the clouds

A film by John Duigan, who also wrote the script.  2004.  A love story with the background of the Spanish Civil War then the Second World War.  An international cast with Charlize Theron, Penélope Cruz and Stuart Townsend.  Berkoff plays Charles Bessé, father of Theron´s character.

Steven Berkoff   Steven Berkoff

Berkoff in Head in The Clouds



Brides Brides

A film by Greek director Pantelis Voulgaris, with high profile support from Martin Scorsese as production supervisor.  The script is by Ioanne Karystiani.  2004.  A few hundred mail order brides are on a ship to America in the 1920s.  Berkoff plays the pimp Karaboulat.

Steven Berkoff Brides



  Naked in London

Berkoff acts in the independent film Naked in London.  The films is based on John Cheevers The Swimmer.  Mark Tierney directs.  Thanks to Mark R for the information.


Headsman Shadow of the Sword/
The Headsman

A film by Simon Aeby with script by Susanne Freund.  2005.  A sixteenth century drama, described as the one of the biggest Austrian co-productions ever.  Berkoff plays "inquisitor".  Other actors are John Schrapnel (who appeared, like Berkoff, in Nicholas and Alexander), Julie Cox (like Berkoff in Children of Dune).

Steven Berkoff in Shadow of the Sword



  Forest of the Gods

Lithuanian director Algimantas Puipa with a film about a professor (Valentinas Masalskis) imprisoned by both the Nazis and the Soviet authorities.  Berkoff revives his Nazi officer role playing Commandant Hoppe.  The title is the name of the place where a concentration camp was built.  2006. 

Berkoff Forest of the Gods


The Flying Scotsman The Flying Scotsman

Not the famous train with that name, but a cyclist.  A Scottish film by television director Douglas Mackinnon.  The budget was £5.9m (info from here).  Berkoff plays Ernst Hagermann, head of the World Cycling Federation.  With Jonny Lee Miller and Brian Cox, who like Berkoff was in Nicholas and Alexandra in 1971 and the game Killzone in 2004.  Pauline Lynch was also in Attila (2001).  The film has nine producers!

Steven Berkoff in The Flying Scotsman




Directed by Scott Z. Burns in 2007, his first film.  Leaks (of various kinds) in a Russian nuclear plant.  Berkoff plays Kurchatov.  It was previously called The Half Life of Timofey Berezin.  PU-239 is the chemical symbol and number for Plutonium.

Berkoff in Timofey Berezin



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