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Berkoff entered mainstream films with major roles on blockbusters Beverly Hills Cop, Octopussy and Rambo.  It could have been the start of a profitable career for Berkoff.

Absolute Beginners Absolute Beginners

Berkoff as guest star along with rock singers including Bowie. The dancing and song have an interesting undercurrent portraying the racism and fascism of the time. Berkoff is convincing as the fascist leader stirring up hatred in a Mosley style rally.  Berkoff´s fascist speeches are in rhyming verse- written by Berkoff himself?   Directed by Julien Temple in 1986.

Steven Berkoff in Absolute Beginners



Beverly Hills Cop Beverly Hills Cop

Black actors can star but not kiss the girl. Eddie Murphy at his best.

Berkoff says, talking of strangers he meets when travelling "Loved your work in Beverly Hills Cop...here we go again; the film that will haunt me for the rest of my life".  Stallone was to star but pulled out. He was impressed by Berkoff and his role as gangster Victor Maitland so wanted him on Rambo.  Berkoff is impressive, the perfect mixture of the businessman/ mafia boss with superficial pleasantry, but generally disdain for others.  This works extremely well against the innocent/ street wise Murphy.  The two together have real chemistry and tension.  Directed by Martin Brest in 1984.

Beverly Hills Cop



McVicar McVicar

Roger Daltry plays the true-life criminal McVicar. What is interesting about the real story of McVicar is how a vicious criminal ended up reformed and writing for the New Statesman magazine. The film ignores this and covers his glamorised life as a criminal in prison. Berkoff is the East End prisoner, and in the predictable prison riot scene he sings "Maybe its because I'm a Londoner".  Directed by Tom Clegg in 1980.

Berkoff and Daltry



Octopussy Octopussy

A James Bond film, with Berkoff playing Colonel Orlov, his usual villain piece. Moore and Berkoff had worked twice earlier on The Saint.  Directed by John Glen in 1983.  Berkoff is good, Moore gives his usual vacant performance.

Octopussy with Berkoff

Site vistor P. Orrebrand comments: ."I just wanted to point out that Mr Befkoff's role in Octopussy is referred to as "Colonel Orlov".  However, he is referred to as "General Orlov" in the actual motion picture, and also carries the the two stars of a Soviet/Russian Lieutenant General on his uniform.  (In the old Eastern European/Communist armed forces, Brigadiers did not exist, so one star was/is a Major General and two stars a Lieutenant General.) Perhaps not a matter of life-and-death, but important to us fans and military buffs. :o)"- Thanks!!! Iain.


Outland Outland

A minor role in a Sean Connery film. Berkoff plays a coward with space sickness who turns homicidal.  Berkoff injects himself then becomes homicidal, attacking a woman and ending up killed by the rescue squad.  But why did he and others go mad?  Sean Connery has to find out why.  The role proves either that some parts are so bad that they cannot be made good, or that good actors have bad days.  Directed by Peter Hyams in 1981.

Outland Steven Berkoff   Outland Steven Berkoff



Prisoner of Rio Prisoner of Rio

Another British gangster film alongside the Krays, McVicar and Charlie. This is about the Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs.  Berkoff wrote a book about the filming "my main accusation against the film was the crime of humiliation, both committed by me and against me".  Berkoff has a fake Scots accent, and the whole film is dull and inept. Directed by Lech Majewski in 1988.

In 2009 Berkoff wrote to The Sunday Times supporting the release from jail of Biggs.

Prisoner of Rio

Steven Berkoff Prisoner of Rio



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